March 10, 2023

Switched to Linux

I use Manjaro Linux. My current version is Manjaro KDE Plasma 22 minimal version.

Manjaro is a 'Rolling Release'...
You install it once, and you're done. No need to do fresh full installs of future major releases of Manjaro. The existing Manjaro installation will upgrade itself.

It uses the Archlinux AUR repository. Lots of software there, it is probably a bigger collection than Ubuntu repositories. 

Printing and scanning - awesome.

Settings on my Installation:

1. UEFI Boot into Manjaro KDE installer USB drive.

2. LUKS enabled during UEFI installation to target disk/partition.

3. Font Scaling (last screenshot) to 118.75% after installation. (You can scale to 106%, 112%, 118.75%, 125% etc.)

4. File Indexer (Baloo) setting changed immediately after installation, to minimise use of CPU resources.

Software installed by me using the Archlinux AUR and Manjaro PAMAC:

1. LibreOffice-Still.
2. Bleachbit (Junk files remover)
3. Czkawka (Duplicate file finder)
4. CrossOver (Windows Application installer)
5. LibreCAD - (Engineering drawings) --- light work.
6. Bricsys - (Engineering drawings) ----hardcore work.
7. Steam - I use Universe Sandbox
8. ChartNexus - For stock market "Technical Analysis".

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