March 21, 2023

Scrivener on Linux

I'm no writer, but hope to write a book someday.

Tried Scrivener 3.1.4 for Windows 64 Bit Free Trial on Linux using CrossOver22 and it works. 


1. Install a licensed version of CrossOver22 on the Linux distro of your choice.
2. Make a CrossOver22 "bottle" with environment as 64 bit Windows10.
3. Download the Windows trial version of Scrivener 64 bit from the official website and install it into the CrossOver22 bottle mentioned in step 2.
4. Buy Scrivener license.

Without buying the abovementioned licenses, CrossOver22 will shut down after 30 days and Scrivener will shut down after 30 days.

Cost of CrossOver22 license is about $25 per year. But it can install lots of Windows software on Linux & not just Scrivener. 

Cost of Scrivener license is about $63 one time.


CrossOver breaks often when Linux updates itself, and this will break Scrivener and whatever other Windows software one has installed.

So this method is not for professional work because the risk of losing your entire work is very high when the CrossOver platform breaks after a Linux update, breaking Scrivener in the process. 

All softwares are designed for & reliable only in their native environment, and for Windows programs, Linux is not the native environment. 


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