November 09, 2011

ACREX 2011

Some things that caught my fancy at ACREX 2011.

The entry.

Too many exhibitors..

A Green Chilling Machine by International Coils Ltd., (chills water that is supplied to a building, used to cool the building air using Air Handling Units.)

Ducts for carrying cold air, made of fabric. They have excellent noise reduction properties, put little weight on the building skeleton, and can be removed and washed.

A manufacturer has introducted an internal skeleton for fabric ducts, so that they won't collapse if suction pressure, pressure that can cause implosion, is applied. Skelecore™ by Ductsox

Fabric duct interfaced with a fan. They have been used for industrial applications too.


The "Net Zero" house, aims to consume only as much energy it produces. In the following demonstration, energy is produced using Solar Cells you see on the roof. It has the provision to store energy that is in excess of its requirements.

Schematics of the Net Zero demo house..a small garden in the central courtyard provides cool air to the rooms through evaporative cooling; as well as diffused natural light.

The well insulated walls and roof and special frames, glass, reduce the heat gain by the house in summers, which reduces the cooling necessary.

Orientation too is important for reducing heat gain.

More schematics of Net Zero demo.

Photo of the central courtyard of the Net Zero demo. The greenery provides evaporative cooling. And diffuses light into the rooms.

More photos of the central courtyard of the Net Zero demo.

Bathroom of the Net Zero demo, tends to rely on natural lighting, during the day.

Art outside the Net Zero house demo, made entirely out of waste materials.

Garden surrounding the "Net Zero" house demo. Solar powered garden lamps.


Wireless Data Monitoring system, interfaces between devices and human controllers. What a relief it would be, to get rid of all those wires...

An Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) control has a Carbon dioxide sensor attached to an exhaust fan mounted on a volume control damper.

When the Carbon dioxide level in the air conditioned space increases beyond a point, the sensor switches on the Exhaust fan.

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