October 17, 2009

Fixing A Broken Foundation

Recently helped a friend fix his DAMAGED & LEAKY UNDERGROUND WALL due to which water was leaking into the basement when it rained heavily.

We were in a hurry....

We did not want it to rain and flood the pit we had dug, that would have been catastrophic...would have drowned the basement and destroyed expensive equipment.

Time for completion of work: 55 hours...and LOTS OF PRAYER.

Drawing of the cross section of the damaged wall. Dotted vertical lines show the missing part of the wall.

The damaged wall, as seen from outside. We had to dig 9 feet deep.

Horrible condition...An old tree’s roots (now no longer existing) can be seen entering the basement wall. Holes in the wall are huge and visible.

Work In Process...below.

Leak discovered in public drainage system. When water comes through such leaks during monsoon clogging of drains, it comes with ‘hammering’ and considerable back pressure.

Filling up the broken underground wall...and re-inforcing with stone...

Finished, Totally Re-inforced, Leak Proof Wall....Underground rain water cannot leak in anymore!

Download the detailed PowerPoint presentation of the above process HERE -- Case Study

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